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In Chinese history, the treasure voyages were the seven Ming-era maritime voyages of the treasure fleet between and The Yongle Emperor initiated  Traditional Chinese ‎: ‎鄭和下西洋. Chinese archaeologists on Monday said that they have recovered more than gold and silver items that sank to the bottom of a river in. Chinese Treasure Dubai; Chinese Treasure, Oud Metha; Get Menu, Reviews, Contact, Location, Phone Number, Maps and more for Chinese. They can reduce the rates back to previous ones in order to attract more customers. Champa, Pahang, Java, Palembang, Malacca, Semudera, Lambri, Ceylon, Cochin, Calicut, Shaliwanni possibly CannanoreLiushan Maladive and Laccadive IslandsHormuz, LasaAdenMogadishuBravaZhubuand Malindi. Chinese records assert that Zheng He's fleet travelled baden-württemberg, sailing as far as East Africa. Jump back to top. The Saxon warrior treasure. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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Alles über Pflanzen Pflanzen, Boden, Standort Teilen, Schneiden, Umpflanzen Düngen Staudenbeet pflegen Winterschutz Pflanzenschutz. The fleet at Hormuz departed on 9 March and arrived at Calicut on 31 March. Please enter a valid email address. The emperor was very pleased with the tribute brought by the foreign emissaries, and with China's increased prestige in the eastern Indian Ocean basin. Unlike typical fuchuan, the treasure ships had nine staggered masts and twelve square sails, increasing its speed. On 18 December , the Yongle Emperor issued the order for the fourth voyage. The 18 countries were Champa, Pahang, Java, Palembang, Malacca, Semudera, Lambri, Ceylon, the Maldive Islands, Cochin, Calicut, Shaliwanni possibly Cannanore , Hormuz, Lasa , Aden, Mogadishu, Brava, and Malindi Mills ,


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Duyvendak thinks that Zheng He could not have been on the second voyage, because this ceremony was so important that it required Zheng He's attendance. There are four cardinal directions, four seasons, and four virtues. An archaeologist working at the site of the archaeological excavation points to a gold object in the rubble of the ancient river bed. They arrived back in Nanjing on 2 October Admiral Zheng He's fleet left Nanjing in , probably in the autumn. News National International States Cities. More than 10, gold and silver items that sank to the bottom of a river over years ago have been recovered.